Paws for Awhile Boarding

Dog Boarding

Paws for Awhile is a state-of-the-art full service dog boarding facility. Designed to make your pet feel at home instead of in a kennel. All of our kennels are indoors and are climate controlled. All dogs are hand walked and played with at least three times a day and also can play in the living room area.

Dogs can either have individual rooms or stay in larger two or three dog rooms. All of the rooms are individually decorated and feature glass doors so that they can see out of their rooms. Each room features a strong doggie bed with a sheepskin cover and is large enough to have lots of toys and room to move around. Our living room also features a futon for dogs to relax on and watch Animal Planet on the television.

Welcome to the Cat’s Pajamas Inn

We want your cat to be the most comfortable that they can be while they stay with us, that’s why your cat will stay in their very own condo. Our condo units are much larger than others and provide plenty of room to move around. Each condo comes with elevated resting perches and plenty of floor space for toys. Each cat has a view outside their condo to watch the fish for entertainment. Most rooms also have an outside window to watch for birds and other excitement. We can even provide soothing music to make you cat’s stay more enjoyable.

As with our dog boarding, we provide meals and treats, or if you would rather provide your own special diet, we would be happy to accommodate your cat’s needs.

Take a virtual tour of our boarding facility below: